Personal Favorites from 2016

I thought this was a quiet year photography wise. But then when I started looking through my Flickr Camera Roll, I realised it wasn’t a bad year afterall.

Other than new shooting opportunities, I had two solo photography exhibitions- one at Radisson Blu Chittagong and another at the EMK Center in Dhaka.

While the first half was mostly in Bangladesh, I got the chance to travel to India, Srilanka and then finally to UK for my masters.

 Most of these photos were taken with my Sony A7R2 (Buy from US | Buy from UK) and Leica Q (Buy from US | Buy from UK)Wedding Escape-IIA brave manWavesThe thing called LOVE!Lunch at the picnicThe mask of colorsIn her wonderland.KaliThe lonely guardColourful TouristDhaka's Jungle.The ironyDuosBlessingsWedding HuesLook into my eyesCharminar, HyderabadGalle Face.The Diwali show!Mr X.The namesakeThe christmas carolBirmingham BallsMilad-un-Nabi is over.


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