What’s in my bag?

So, whats in my bag? Though its contents have changed very frequently over the years, I think the combination now works quite well- I dont feel I am compromising on quality nor passion.

A lot has been said about how cameras and lenses dont matter much. I’d agree to that, partially. The camera has to somehow inspire me to take photographs. Its not a mere machine, but a friend, an extension of myself.


Sony A7R2: In 2015, I won the national leg of Sony World Photo Awards, and was later roped in as one of their brand influencers. This beast of a camera allows me to shoot all kinds of things, from street to weddings. The EVF is such a blessing, especially while shooting weddings and other assignments. It doesn’t only mean I get exactly what I want straight out of camera, it means less time filtering and color correcting my images. The ability of shooting medium sized RAW files is definitely a plus over alternate Nikon cameras. With its fantastic ISO performance, I don’t bother much about noise(I shoot all my weddings in natural light). (Buy from UK)

Sony 85mm f/1.4 GM: Possibly the best 85mm out in the market. And I’ve used all of them. First used it 6 months back at a symposium, and fell in love. Replaced my Nikon 85mm f/1.4G with it. Similarly priced but I find the bokeh more pleasant with the Sony one. Also, perfect to pair up with my Sony A7R2 for weddings and portraits. Read my review of the lens here. (Buy from UK)

Lensbaby 60mm f/2.5 Swirl: Manual focussed, so perfect to be used with the Sony, which has a brilliant EVF and manual focus peaking. Other lensbaby options are just as brilliant from what I hear. (Buy from UK)

Nikon Df: I have been a Nikon guy since I started taking photos back in 2010. I’ve read plenty of harsh reviews of the camera, but trust me, whoever uses this camera will not stop praising this gem of a camera. With Nikon D4‘s sensor and no video features, this beauty churns out beautiful images even in lowlight.

Nikon 58mm f/1.4G: A light and spectacular lens in every possible way, this gem is newly acquired and much cherished. The image quality is comparable to Canon’s 50mm f/1.2 but comes at 1/3rd its weight!

Leica Q: When this came out, my heart skipped a bit, and I got this for a great deal. Beautiful images with the fixed focal length of 28mm at f/1.7. Do i think its overpriced? Not really. The image quality and inherent quality of a Leica makes this a winner. Also, I feel this camera can last me a lifetime. This is as close to owning a Leica M

Olympus Tough-something I bought to use for its waterproof capabilities. The 21mm equivalent focal length is fun to use!

Manfrotto 36 LED: Bought this very recently, havent used this a lot but I think it might be quite interesting to use. Very portable and lightweight for the power it generates. You can also opt for the more powerful Manfrotto LED.

Macbook Pro 13″, the last version and not the current version. I’ve preferred the 13″ over the 15″ for its weight and size factor.

Bags I use:

  1. Lowepro 350 AW: My father correctly described it being as safe as a mother’s womb, haha! But yes, should easily last me 10 odd years!
  2. Lowepro Messenger: Easily the most portable bag for street photography. Wont fit a laptop and not much protection but you dont need that in a daily basis.
  3. Kattee Camera Bag: Cheap, but very well made, with lovely available colors and even fits a laptop and perfect for intercity travel and events.


  1. Zeiss Batis 18mm
  2. Billingham Pro Hadley
  3. Save up to $200 On Sony A and E Mount Lenses!


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    Sazzid Ahmed (CameraWala)

    I love your collection and your photos as well. I think you owned a Canon 5D Classic also. But you might have sold it. When I was a Nikon user I was a very big fan of primes. After shifting to Canon, I am using zooms now. But you know you inspire me to get primes and cover homely akdh ceremonies. I love your akdh photos. They are so peaceful. I want to do the same but never got such clients sadly. Best of luck bhaia. Keep clicking.

    • 2
      Ata Adnan

      Thankyou for such warm compliments. Well, primes/zoom preference varies from person to person.
      And regarding the client based, you can easily volunteer or source such clients initially. And then such clients will find you eventually.

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