A brief look at my workflow as a wedding photographer

In Bangladesh where most wedding photographers take 2-3 months to deliver photographs to their clients, we have been working to deliver the photos anytime between 1-4 weeks time.

Over the last few years, our workflow has evolved.Right after I return from the event, even if its past midnight, I tend to backup the photos on my primary workforce Macbook Pro and if possible, on an external hard-disk in the next day or so. I tend to keep the photos on my SD card as well just in case. I tend to format the card before shooting the next wedding.

I use Photo Mechanic to run through all the photos and pick ones which I decide to keep in my final edit.    Previously, I used to use Lightroom to go through the photographs and reject the unwanted ones. Using Photomechanic has meant two things: a. It is quicker. b. The advantage of choosing photos rather than rejecting unwanted ones means the chosen photographs are of a higher quality. To me, half the job is done if the choosing/sorting process is meticulously done.

Pressing “T” to tick the chosen photos


Selecting only ‘tagged’ photos narrows it down

It is very easy to drag the chosen photos to Lightroom. The best photos of the lot can be easily “Flagged” or “Rated” and edited initially. For this initial selection, I keep a few things in mind. I try to choose a selection of images which acts as highlight to the event, feature close family members and friends. Once these few photos are individually edited, I export them in a sub-folder with my watermark.From then, these initial selection is uploaded and shared with our clients on Google Drive/Dropbox. I also handpick a few to be posted on our Facebook page. We try to finish these few steps in 3-4 days of the event.


It is extremely important to have your own set of signature look to the images you produce and you can always take help from professionally produced Lightroom packs available. Sleeklens has an archive of such stylised packs seem to be a great choice for professional photographers who likes creating such rich colors with eye pleasing tones. Sleeklens has also have editing service  and other presets which you can browse through.

I beleive your image processing skills play a huge part in your wedding photographs. The line between a beautiful looking photograph and an overprocessed image is quite thin and often transgressed. I then cluster photographs from similar situation of the same wedding and sync them after editing one photograph from the cluster. You will be surprised how much time that saves! Once that is done, I go through em one by one, putting in individual modifications and ensuring that each photograph is well exposed and color corrected.

When I export, I export the whole bunch with a specific file name and sequence it according to the “captured time”. This final jpegs is copied again to Google drive and external backup drive and one copy is made in a USB drive and delivered to the client.


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