Goodbye Nikon Df.


So, I have had 3 different Nikon Df(Amazon/Adorama) bodies- thats how much I loved it. When it come out, the retro look had me hooked. Some folks gave it bad reviews, but more importantly, none of its real users thought it was a bad camera.

Personally, it has been my most favorite Nikon camera, ever. I have used the D750 and D800 as well, but never liked those much. Had the D700 before this which was also a fantastic camera.

I have travelled the world with the Df, from Nepal to many countries of Europe, took it to hundreds of weddings, used it in every possible situation over the past 3 years. I have around 300 uploads on Flickr but chose a few to share on this blog.

So why did I love it so much?

The Sensor: Nikon Df boasts of Nikon D4‘s sensor- their flagship model at that point of time. The colors, high ISO performance were all top notch. The color rendition and image quality is a treat to the eyes.

No video: I’ve been a fan of cameras which only help take photos.

The retro look: I had the black version for the first 2 times,but opted for the silver body for 3rd time.

Lightweight: Nikon Df is Nikon’s lightest DSLR(around 800g). I am personally done with carrying heavy DSLRs and I can’t stand D810 kind of bodies. I mostly use primes so the Df was a perfect companion.


So why am I finally letting go of it? More so when I like the camera so much.

Because I have been using the Sony A7R2(Amazon / Adorama) as my prime camera system for the past year or so. But I couldn’t shift entirely to Sony since I thought the Df gives me something additional at certain times, especially at weddings and street. Now with the introduction of Sony A9, I feel like the Nikon has nothing additional to offer me as a camera.

The tricky bits:

The megapixel count: 16 megapixel is a sweet megapixel count, although 24 megapixels sound like a better number off late(especially if you want to crop images)

– Plenty of folks complained about AF but I thought its quite alright: never had much problem. But I realise now that the focussing points are not very well spread.

In darkness.


Keramot Meah.

The not so 'sadhu'


A journey to remember.

The passerby.

Mysterious soul.

Boats of Buriganga.

Ambassadors of Peace.

The love of his life.

The mask of colors

The thing called LOVE!

Bring the bricks

Witness of time


Prayers for the new house

The world is a stage.

Monsoon in Paris.

Notre Dame, Paris.

Dreams on Fire

Tamim's Day out.

The helping hands

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