Let the world smile

Wonder why we always tell people to smile infront of the camera whenever we are taking photos? Why is that? Because smiles make people look better? Or you feel better as a photographer when you photograph someone smiling?

To me, when a stranger smiles infront of the camera, it is an affirmation, that he/she can trust me completely despite being a stranger. Its stands by the notion that words aren’t important. That smiles can be the kindest language.

Immersed in color.


The guard smiles!

Young at heart.

Smile with all your heart

The spirit of women

The thing called LOVE!

Monsoon Splash

That glorious light

Stranger [116/200]: Syedul Hoq

[119/200]: Sorrow behind the smile.

Staying connected

The enlightening smile

Mayeesha & Zayan



The Universal language

When the world smiles for you

A 'little' request

The moment


Keep smiling boys!

An ode to friendship


The missing element

First blessings

Two happy men!

Identity Crisis

A world citizen

Wear a smile..one size fits all!:) [EXPLORED]

The photos were taken using my trusted Sony A7R2(Amazon / Adorama) paired with 85mm f/1.4GM Lens(Amazon/ Adorama) and Nikon Df(Amazon/Adorama) paired with 58mm f/1.4G(Amazon/Adorama).

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