Sony A9 review: World’s best camera!

Joystick & AF speed and points:
693 AF points, and more importantly a joystick that helps you to maneuver through the 93% frame coverage. Extremely useful for nailing the composition.

No Blackout:
This is legendary and a feature that no other camera has so far! You need to use the camera just to see what difference this makes in the user experience of making images. Now you can shoot right through ‘the decisive moment’.

20 FPS:

You may say this is an overkill, but this does put the camera ahead of the flagship models of the competitors.

Half the weight of its competitors! Only 700 grams. Enough said! Say goodbye to neck and backaches!

Dual card slots:
Dual slots for the very first time in Sony system. Sony A7RIII & Sony A7 Mark 3 also followed the same route.

3-4 times more capable than 2nd generation cameras! This is the big leap everyone was waiting for. Now you can take upto 1500 shots using one battery (It used to be 300-400 for A7R2). It is nothing short of a miracle how they have come up with such a battery in such a small package!

The Sony A7iii & A7R3 uses the same battery.

Price: Priced at 4000$ currently. Its direct competitors are Canon 1DX Mark-2 and Nikon D5 which are priced at about 5500$.

Here’s some sample images from my year long use of the camera:

Thimphu at Dawn



Paro Tsechu

The descent.

The performers

Monk with Coke.


Paro Perspective.


The talented Fairooz.

Mumbai Meow

A new beginning.

La la land.A hidden beach

Swing, NYC.

Stranger 2/100: 100 RED PORTRAITS: The mutton paaya


The veiled dance

An alley to nowhere.

Paro's pipe piper.

Sir Fazle Abed.

New York

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