Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM in Varanasi.

As soon as the 24mm f/1.4 G-Master was announced, I was intrigued.

– The compact and lightweight design. At under 450grams, it is an engineering marvel.
– The first reviews were very impressive.
– 24mm is a great focal length for travel photographs.
– The price was considerably lower than recent Canon and Nikon 24mm f1.4 counterparts.

Had the chance to use the lens during my recent trip to Varanasi. Here’s a real world review with some sample photographs from the trip.


At 24mm, the lens is ideal for filling the frame with lot of environment and information. In a place like Varanasi where you want to incorporate the vastness and elements of diversity, the focal length was indeed ideal.


F/1.4 and Depth of Field(DOF):

Despite being a wide lens, the 24mm f1.4 lens is quite a delight for portraits. The fast aperture does help to separate characters from the backdrop, with a fantastic 3D pop.

The G-Master tag doesn’t disappoint. Image quality is right up there with the other lenses from the lineup thats known for its top notch performance with zero compromise.


The close focussing distance is 24 cm, just another 10 inches- incredible!



Even in very dark  or tricky light conditions, the lens doesn’t hunt for focusses and is probably the quickest at focussing out of the entire G-Master lineup.

Be it in a dark alley or in a backlit morning situation or after sunset where I had to push the ISO beyond 3200, I had no problems with the lens.


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