2021-Whats in my Bag?

Just thought I’d do an update on the original post I did a few years back.



    1. Camera: Sony A9 Mark 2:  For years, I thought it would be extremely difficult for anyone to come up with a better camera than the Sony A9, but Sony did the unthinkable! The Sony A9 Mark 2 is even faster camera, with out of the world AF speed and accuracy.


  1. Sony A9: I still kept the original A9 as my 2nd camera. Other options were the Sony A7R4 which renders more punchy files but the file size is quite big compared to A9 and the A9 is a much faster camera any day!


  1. Sony 24mm f1.4 GM: Lightweight and compact in size, it is an engineering marvel. AF speed, sharpness, rendition, all top class.
  2. Sony 35mm f1.4 GM:  Recently bought this new gem. Bigger brother to the 24mm, almost identical in its look, weight and top notch rendition.
  3. Sony 50mm f1.2 GM: I actually have it in my bag but its still a loan unit from Sony Rangs Bangladesh. I have put the lens through some use. Looks like I’m going to replace my Sony Zeiss 50mm f1.4. Despite being a f1.2 it is exactly the same weight and length as the f1.4 version! The biggest plus is the creamy bokeh and the ability to focus at a closer distance(40cm compared to 45cm previously.
  4. Sony 85mm f1.4 GM: My workhorse and a lens that has provided me with my best photos for the last 5 years. And the lens is still tack sharp.
  5. Sony 135mm f1.8 GM: A fine lens by all means but the focal length is less used compared to the 85.


Alternate cameras:

  1. Leica SL: I dreamt of this camera for a few years before picking it up used from Canada. Its always a good idea to get the Leica’s second hand since they never lose value.
  2. Leica M9: Leica’s first full frame digital rangefinder and one that features the much talked about CCD sensor which renders film like colors.

Leica lenses:

  1. Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 MC M mount: A tiny f1.4 lens with a lot of character. Can mount on Leica SL with a 10$ adapter!
  2. Voigtlander 75mm f1.5 M mount. A beautiful tele lens for the Leica M9,
  3. Sigma 85mm f1.4 DG DN: This modern autofocus lens for Leica SL is a great addition and performs almost close to the 85mm GM lens. Quite a bargain under 1000$.


Camera Bags:

  1. Billingham Hadley Pro Black: Best camera bags money can buy. Should last me a lifetime.
  2. Billingham Hadley Large Khaki. Best camera bags money can buy. Should last me a lifetime.

Storage & Cards:

  1. Sandisk 170MBPS cards UHS-1 : 32GB, 64GB, 128GB. These are the three variants I buy to make sure I have the perfect card for almost any situation. I tend to use the 128GB cards in a slot with JPG backup for my entire wedding season.
  2. SSD: I use Samsung T5 SSDs over the Sandisk ones. I own 1 TB and 2TB variants. Sandisk SSDs tend to heat up with continuous use.
  3. Backup Hardisk: Recently shifted to Lacie Hardisk, in 2TB and 4TB variants. I also own G’Drive 2TB and 4TB variants                                      ————————————

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