Celebrating Mother’s Day: An ode to motherhood.

A collection of my photographs showcasing mothers and the bond we share with them. You can click on the photographs to visit my Flickr image.

Whats in my Bag


Left my motherland but not without my mother
A rohingya refugee carries his mother all the way from Myanmar into Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh after the army burnt their village home.

Thimphu, Bhutan

A new life
A rohingya refugee mother cooks a meal for her child at the refugee camp.

Let me cover you son.
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Chittagong, Bangladesh

Mothers, Kathmandu.
Kathmandu, Nepal

A Nepalese mother..
Sarangkot, Nepal

Mother nature.
Jaflong, Sylhet

A homeless mother begs outside a popular streetside restaurant in GEC Circle, Chittagong.

A new life
A woman made a makeshift store inside her home so that she can work from her home and support the family with her earning. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rice & Child.
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Sinking hope....
Chittagong, Bangladesh

All we need
Guangzhou, China

A bond eternal-II
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Pray for me mother!
My mother reading the Holy Quran

The kiss
Chittagong, Bangladesh

Role reversal
A bride consoles her mother after the wedding.

The thing called Love.
The bride’s mother says goodbye to her daughter.

My mother hugs my sister to say goodbye before she flew back to Canada.
My mother having a cup of tea with me, a daily ritual of sorts.

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